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Track use only. Please email: for questions and pricing details.

New, never raced MMX2 Moto2 Honda 600cc.


Chassis: Suter Fully adjustable
Swingarm: Suter Moto2
Engine: (Moto2 Built ExternPro) Honda CBR600 HRC ECU Kit – Allows for fuel mapping and ignition adjustments.
Clutch: Suter
Suspension: Ohlins FGR300 front forks,  TTX rear shock.
AutoBlip: For upshifting only.
Brakes: Brembo CNC P4.30/34
Wheels: OZ Racing Alum 5 Spoke
Exhaust: SC Project system
Dashboard i2M
Bodywork: All carbon fiber
Tires: New Dunlop Slicks front / rear  (Sizes: 195/65/R17 Rear / 120/70R/17 Front)
HP: 130hp
Weight: 308
Top Speed: 180mph (Mugello 2017)
Fuel: 100 Octane / Capacity: 5 gallons.

Front and rear stands included.
Various gearing options are available.

Suter R6 Moto2 Prototype


Suter #046
Chassis #: 046-002

Chassis: Fully adjustable Suter Moto2 prototype chassis
Swingarm: Suter Moto2 prototype swingarm
Engine: Yamaha R6 full spec YEC SSP Racing kit
Suspension: Rear Ohlins, front standard Yamaha R6 with Suter triple clamps
Brakes: Rear Brembo, front standard Yamaha
Wheels: Rear Marchesini, front standard Yamaha R6
Dash: Standard Yamaha R6
Wiring Harness: YEC SSP Racing Kit
ECU: YEC SSP Racing Kit
Exhaust: Akrapovic Titanium Yamaha SSP
Top Speed: 165mph
Fuel: 100octane / Capacity: 3.7 Gallons

Comes with front and rear stand.

Track use only. Please email: for questions and pricing details.